Colloquium Schedule - Fall 2017

Thursdays - 4:00 pm in Nielsen Hall 170.

Coffee and cookies are served at 3:30pm in the Nielsen Hall Atrium.

The Physics and Astronomy colloquium is a forum for invited scientists to present modern research in a fashion accessible to those with a background in physics, but who are not experts in the field. Talks are aimed at a graduate level.

If you have questions about our colloquia, please contact John Tobin at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or by phone at (405) 325-6278




Aug 24 No colloquium - 1st week of classes
Aug 31 Gutierrez Beginning of Semster Celebration
Gutierrez OU
Sep 07 John Wisniewski Constraining the Formation and Evolution of Exoplanets
Gutierrez OU
Sep 14 Daniel Wik A Biased Survey of the X-ray Universe
Dai University of Utah
Sep 21 Jim Shaffer Rydberg Atom Quantum Hybrid Systems
Gutierrez OU
Sep 28 Alberto Marino Quantum Optics as an Enabler for Quantum Technologies
Gutierrez OU
Oct 05 Michael Ratz Towards a Unified Description of Nature
Sinha UC Irvine
Oct 12 Ivan Deutsch Controlling and Quantum World in Ultracold Atomic Spins
Marino University of New Mexico
Oct 19 Giles Eperon Halide perovskites - a game-changer for photovoltaics?
Sellers University of Washington
Oct 26 Manfred Cuntz Habitability around Single Stars and in Multiple Stellar Systems
Quarles University of Texas - Arlington
Nov 02 Sami Mitra TBA
Mullen PRL
Nov 09 Chris Greene TBD
Blum Purdue
Nov 16 Ben Kries TBA
Stupak Fermilab
Nov 23 No colloquium - Thanksgiving
Nov 30 Jonathan Bird TBD
Sellers SUNY - Buffalo
Dec 07 Stuart Raby TBD
Sinha Ohio State
Dec 14 No colloquium - Finals Week


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Faculty Research Seminar

Oct 25, 2017 6:00 pm

Nielsen Hall 303 - Profs. Abraham & Blume


Oct 26, 2017 4:00 pm

Nielsen Hall 170 - Manfred Cuntz
Habitability around Single Stars and in Multiple Stellar Systems

Astronomy Journal Club

Oct 27, 2017 12:30 pm

Nielsen Hall 302 - James DerKacy and Lisa Simpson